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Walking the high wire

I have always been fascinated by the high wire circus acts; the tightrope, the trapeze artists.  It has now become a common place attraction at kid fun zones; you too can try your hand at walking up high, feeling that exhilaration of doing something daring.  What really interested me was the amazing amount of “trust”…

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On the edge of….

The week has been long and grueling, everything has been coming at you from all sides, work, relationships, family, and most importantly from yourself.  Life has you on edge.  You can feel it slipping away beneath your feet, you’re at the end of your road.  The sounds of gravel sliding off into the abyss fills your…

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2 Tears in a Bucket…F!*K It

Its been a long time since I went out on the town with my dear friends, enjoying some great conversation, fantastic atmosphere and tasty libations!  My luck changed the other night and fortune smiled upon me….the ladies and I were going out! I was particularly excited to see one of my friends who I don’t get…

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