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Freeze Frame

A freeze frame… Capturing that split-second when everything is “perfect”.  When the stillness is priceless and you don’t need to say anything, just be in the moment. In this photograph, I remember the moment so clearly.  I was on the boat in Agistri, Greece headed to a hidden swimming cove not too far from the…

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I’m Back!!

Returning to the day-to-day seemed quite a challenge for me, however I am happy to report I am back from my incredible journey to Greece.  I think my picture says it all.  Relaxed, centered and filled with the joy of connecting with incredible people. In a few words, this journey became so much more than…

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Mama Mia!

“Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the Tamborine…You can dance, you can jive..having the time of your Life!” Yes folks, this will be me in less than a week.  I am leaving on a shiny jet plane to cross the great big blue ocean to share the love of Nia and connection on the island…

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