This is my place to express, to get to the heart of me, to share my life’s happenings. To discuss topics that I believe in and hope they strike a cord with you. This space is meant to invoke thought, cultivate the body, mind, spirit, and create expression through stories, blog posts, images.

 Let's live life without boundaries. Let this be the “rebirth” of humanity….lend a helping hand, share of cup of joy with another, use your words for peace, laughter and purpose Joy!

Creating Your Own Spice

Dec 16, 2014

As my journey continues to unfold, I am always trying to find new ways to stand out from the crowd, have a unique approach to my classes, my be that diamond in the rough.  However there are times when I question, should I be doing things differently?  Should I be the fish that swims…

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And the Phoenix will rise again…reborn from the ashes….

Dec 1, 2014

And the Phoenix will rise again, reborn from the ashes in which it resides, to begin a new, refreshed. Has there been a time in your life when you felt you were at your lowest point?  Feeling a lack or loss of worth, purpose..self?  Your interactions with others few; having difficulty communicating, your overall confidence,…

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…..And thats a Wrap!

Nov 17, 2014

Tremendous heartfelt gratitude for all of our speakers at In-Ergize 2014! This journey has been amazing.  Our speakers did a fantastic job…each one shinning bright. For those who attended, thank you for coming out and supporting us.  I hope you left feeling inspired to be Awake, ready to be in your Authentic self and preparing to…

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In-Ergize 2014

Nov 12, 2014

  What is In-Ergize? In-Ergize weaves together teachings, stories, and experiences that take you on a journey. Nine speakers will share the stage and showcase what it looks like to Be Awake, to Be Authentic, and to Be Audacious. Each person on stage brings a different perspective to the event. They come to share a…

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“Body Seasons”….

Oct 28, 2014

The days are getting shorter, leaves are changing and beginning to fall.  One of my favorite seasons….Autumn. As I am walking outside I noticed that we, our “bodies”  go through their own “seasons” .   Body seasons can happen at any given time of the day, weeks, months,  and years.  Our bodies experience periods of slowing…

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Music Selection – October/November 2014

Oct 13, 2014

This soundtrack and movie truly left me feeling rejuvenated and ready to continue on my journey with that extra pep in my step!   It also inspired me to create a routine for my Intuitive Authentic Movement – I.A.M. practice as well as adding it to my Nia classes.  Come to a class and check it…

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