This is my place to express, to get to the heart of me, to share my life’s happenings. To discuss topics that I believe in and hope they strike a cord with you. This space is meant to invoke thought, cultivate the body, mind, spirit, and create expression through stories, blog posts, images.

 Let's live life without boundaries. Let this be the “rebirth” of humanity….lend a helping hand, share of cup of joy with another, use your words for peace, laughter and purpose Joy!

“What are you going to have?, I don’t know,what are you going to have?”…..

Jul 15, 2015

I think I can say that I now officially find myself at the Sunflower Baking Company every two weeks. A sinfully delicious bakery on the corner of Pecan and 7th.  By now I am a familiar face, welcomed with a warm smile from one of the counter folks, the one that says, “Great to see…

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Music Selection – June

Jun 1, 2015

Do you ever hear a song on the radio and just say, “wow that was a really great song”.  Everything thing about it, the lyrics, the melody the sound of the singers voices.  It is just “complete”. After I heard “My Silver Lining”, by First Aid Kit I thought maybe this was an old song, it had a…

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2 Tears in a Bucket…F!*K It

May 4, 2015

Its been a long time since I went out on the town with my dear friends, enjoying some great conversation, fantastic atmosphere and tasty libations!  My luck changed the other night and fortune smiled upon me….the ladies and I were going out! I was particularly excited to see one of my friends who I don’t get…

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Thank you Skype…

Apr 27, 2015

My connections with people come from all places I go. Never the traditional place for tea or coffee, this time it was McDonalds… I try very hard to not frequent the fast food places; not healthy for the body or mind and true to the name it’s “fast”. Folks are in and out. This time…

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You’ve Got Mail 🙂

Apr 17, 2015

Communication has changed drastically over the years, well heck, over months it seems.  We can send emails, Facebook posts, texts, Instagrams, Tweets…we can even let Siri send messages for us.  I don’t know about you but I still get the most excited when I see the little Red Flag on my mailbox letting me know,”You’ve Got…

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Creating Traditions…

Mar 24, 2015

My Cup of Tea with “Mi” series has begun! During the Winter Break my kids and I went to an indoor playground/bouncy house place.  Though not the typical tea place, I found myself sitting next to this woman who, like me was there to let the kids play.  I felt compelled to talk with her…

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