This is my place to express, to get to the heart of me, to share my life’s happenings. To discuss topics that I believe in and hope they strike a cord with you. This space is meant to invoke thought, cultivate the body, mind, spirit, and create expression through stories, blog posts, images.

 Let's live life without boundaries. Let this be the “rebirth” of humanity….lend a helping hand, share of cup of joy with another, use your words for peace, laughter and purpose Joy!

Walking the high wire

Feb 8, 2016

I have always been fascinated by the high wire circus acts; the tightrope, the trapeze artists.  It has now become a common place attraction at kid fun zones; you too can try your hand at walking up high, feeling that exhilaration of doing something daring.  What really interested me was the amazing amount of “trust”…

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On the edge of….

Dec 31, 2015

The week has been long and grueling, everything has been coming at you from all sides, work, relationships, family, and most importantly from yourself.  Life has you on edge.  You can feel it slipping away beneath your feet, you’re at the end of your road.  The sounds of gravel sliding off into the abyss fills your…

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Freeze Frame

Dec 14, 2015

A freeze frame… Capturing that split-second when everything is “perfect”.  When the stillness is priceless and you don’t need to say anything, just be in the moment. In this photograph, I remember the moment so clearly.  I was on the boat in Agistri, Greece headed to a hidden swimming cove not too far from the…

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Gratitude and Success – Update on “Mad as Hell…Un-workshop, Workshop”

Dec 8, 2015

Update! Thirteen incredibly brave women stepped in to my workshop and gave themselves the permission to explore, get angry and above all create community.  I have so much respect and gratitude for all who attended this amazing workshop.  I was in awe of it all!  Take a look at these great images of success!  …

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I’m Back!!

Dec 3, 2015

Returning to the day-to-day seemed quite a challenge for me, however I am happy to report I am back from my incredible journey to Greece.  I think my picture says it all.  Relaxed, centered and filled with the joy of connecting with incredible people. In a few words, this journey became so much more than…

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Mama Mia!

Aug 19, 2015

“Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the Tamborine…You can dance, you can jive..having the time of your Life!” Yes folks, this will be me in less than a week.  I am leaving on a shiny jet plane to cross the great big blue ocean to share the love of Nia and connection on the island…

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