When we offer ourselves the ability to seek out a new perspective to overall health we are giving ourselves a new opportunity to have no judgments, and no rules, just honest raw information. With this, we are able to tap into our intuition, the voice we often call, “our gut”, and to make choices and decisions from a place of clarity. This is honesty - our authentic selves. When we seek out alternative ways to understand our mental, and emotional realities we are shifting into a new way of being.



“With the realization of one’s own potential and self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”  

- Dalai Lama


"Collaborating with the intent to Create"...You already have the answers within you, I am the catalyst to help guide you in shifting your perspective to discover the magic within. 

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The Program

I like the less is more approach. This is about you stepping into your joy. I am not a therapist and I don't really do coaching programs. I like to think I am more of your guide, accompanying you on your path to clarity. These journeys are unique for each one of us. The life path and purpose that we develop is created solely for you, by you. The value and insights you will receive are priceless.

Though our life journeys are essentially an individual one, we gain clarity and wisdom along the way by the people we come across. They are a part of, and play an integral role in, the development of this journey. They help us make up our life's backpack and are essential the shifts in our life perspectives. 

We are all, in a way, seeking something. We are looking for answers to some of life’s biggest questions: Is there another way? What is my purpose? How do I find the balance with my mind, body and spirit? The answers are different for everyone who asks. I truly believe that you already have these answers inside of you.

How Do We Get Started?

Let's connect! The first 30-minute call is my gift to you. Together through conversation we will gain insight into what lead you to reach out.

Following this initial talk we will have a clear picture of where we go next. Additional sessions are either 60 or 90-minutes each and can be held in-person, by phone or online.

How long is this journey you may ask? That really depends on you! This is your path and one you must eventually walk on your own, in all of your awesomeness. I am merely your guide and all journeys must come to an end, so we can use the tools we've gained along the way to determine when this journey should come to an end.  

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a call.

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The Program

There are times when there is a need to focus on a more particular moment in our life's journey such as managing a business, working through a personal event or other personal transitions. It is during these moments that the foundations of my 13-WEEK JOURNEY program is designed for. I have discovered when we are in collaboration with the intent to create, we find our calm order of purpose. Your intuitive compass has guided you to lay all the pieces out there and evaluate what is at hand, to move with the energy, not against it. To release judgement, to recognize the fears and doubts that arise and shift your perspective to find your peace.

Throughout this journey we will be gaining a better understanding of the "Four P's", Purpose, Patience, Practice and Peace.  

  • Opening the doors to explore what is our Purpose
  • Learning Patience through a healing process
  • Taking what we've developed and bringing into Practice in our everyday lives, in everything we do, and ultimately...
  • Find Peace.  Peace with ones self and then to have peace with our life’s purpose.

The Journey

The overall experience in the 13-Week Journey is to explore the areas where you are creatively blocked; areas that may be holding you back personally and professionally. The goal is getting your purpose off the ground successfully. 

The work begins the moment you step in, plug in, show up and face your life head on. I have been where you are. Let me help you expedite your success.

In this 13-week program we will cover the four modalities that I have discovered can offer tremendous success in life, both professionally and personally.

Module I:

“Purpose - Toolkit” - Discovering and creating your personal took kit for success.

Module II:

“Movement is Magic” – Moving your tools into place.

Module III:

“Keeping at the “1’s” – Staying the course

Module IV:

“Setting Sail” – Bon Voyage & Off you go!

Interested in learning more about this program?  Contact me.


Amy has such infectious energy! I love the Jazz

Amy radiates Joy and that is lovely to experience

Nia is energy, oneness, togetherness. It is healing and most of all Fun…Amy is inspiring

Nia is fun and Amy adds to it. Her classes are energetic and she brings her awesome uniqueness to each class

I am thankful for Amy … She energizes & restores my body & spirit and starts me in a truly positive direction (mind,body,spirit) for my day & my week!

Amy’s classes have a creativity and spirituality to them that is unique; I recommend her classes to everyone

Love Amy’s original movements; she is peaceful and serene