"When we shift our perspective we discover clarity of mind which leads to Purpose. Through Purpose we learn to have patience with the process.  This is the ultimate goal to Peace and Joy on our life's journey."

- Amy Nelsen

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Intuitive since childhood, I have always taken, the road less traveled. A jack of all trades I have spent my professional career in many fields including, Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Nia®, fashion, special events, sports and health care. My life's journey has brought with it much wisdom in the fields of adult and children's mental health, relationship dynamics, body health, movement healing, global unity and awareness.

I am constantly filled with endless wonder as I watch my two boys grow into amazing, empathetic compassionate human beings. Most importantly being the example of what it is to live with the balance of overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. When the opportunity presents itself, I enjoy traveling to as many places as I can, to connect to the amazing world we live in. For now, I am happily residing in Charlotte, NC.


For a good portion of my life I was the victim of my own mind. I suffered from anxiety, feelings of doubt about who I was, how others perceived me, and living with my own judgments. The need to control every situation that brought any form of uncertainty into my life became an everyday struggle..At the time, the idea of achieving a balanced mind, both physically and mentally, was unheard of.. Even the words “mental health” were an absolute no, for me. I was just, “the emotional one, the hopeless optimist, the worrier.” Words like depression, anxiety, and OCD, were spoken briefly in conversation but I never made the connection. I fell prey to the endless loud voices of fear and doubt, I was self sabotaging.

Then what was the Shift? It was being thrust into some of the harsh realities of life. There was no gentle push here. I was faced head on with watching the world as I knew it crumble. Losing a loved one to suicide, witnessing depression, anxiety in family members which spanned ages, loss of faith in humanity and connections to the world around us. Facing all of these things, I had to make a choice, continue to stay stuck in the spiral of self-sabotaging behavior or move on.

I chose to declare "enough!" This voice was a resounding “no more wallowing”. My higher self was projecting this as loudly as it could. I call this my “aha!” moment, my awakening. The words that came to me and are forever imprinted in my soul were, “we are all capable of living and being in peace." Through our ability to shift our perspectives, to discover the balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, to let go and trust; it is through this that we find the truth in our lives and discover our purpose.. Purpose of living, of connecting to each other. There is wisdom, logic and magic in it all.