On the edge of….

IMG_9065The week has been long and grueling, everything has been coming at you from all sides, work, relationships, family, and most importantly from yourself.  Life has you on edge.  You can feel it slipping away beneath your feet, you’re at the end of your road.  The sounds of gravel sliding off into the abyss fills your ears.  All you can do at this very moment is look down at your feet.  Where do I go next?  What do I with all of this stuff in my life?  This all encompassing “yuck” that has pushed you to the brink!

You are forced to look up for your tears are stinging your eyes, your fists hurt for you have been clenching them too long. It is then that you must look up to what is staring right in front of you, the horizon.  A line of blue sky, the shinning light of the sun reflecting on the Earth right there in arms reach.  It beckons you to make a choice.  Do you turn away and run back to where all your frustrations are? Do you take the leap not knowing what lies ahead?  Do you trust in yourself?

My answer is Yes to it all.  When life has us right at that point of fight or flight we should not run from it or be consumed by it.  Instead change the perspective and embrace the yuck.  Recognize it for what it is; lessons, acknowledgment of you living a life.  The sensations the bodies feels, happy, sad, frustrated etc.  This is the authentic you.  Live it.


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