Mama Mia!

“Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the Tamborine…You can dance, you can jive..having the time of your Life!”

Yes folks, this will be me in less than a week.  I am leaving on a shiny jet plane to cross the great big blue ocean to share the love of Nia and connection on the island of Agistri, Greece at the quaint and magical resort of Rosy’s Little Village.

What will I find there?  Who will I meet?  How will this journey unfold?  I bring with me these questions in my weathered travel bag, along with all of my other life essentials.  I am bursting with excitement and joy waiting in anticipation for my departure.  Taking the leap to the unknown without expectation has been a long and curvy road for me.  Allowing what is meant to be revealed on its own time, not grabbing the controls and forcing things to happen.

I am ready to drink in all the possibilities, to embrace the unexpected and surrender to the beauty and mystic of this ancient land.  See you when I get back!

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