2 Tears in a Bucket…F!*K It

IMG_7753Its been a long time since I went out on the town with my dear friends, enjoying some great conversation, fantastic atmosphere and tasty libations!  My luck changed the other night and fortune smiled upon me….the ladies and I were going out!

I was particularly excited to see one of my friends who I don’t get to visit with much.  Our paths travel wide apart at times but always manage to intersect and to reconnect.   She is the southern Ying to my Yankee Yang, plenty of wit and a true heart of gold.  I have been blessed to create a friendship with her that has been able to grow with time, the ebb and flow of our paths taking us both here and there.  Each of us traverse this life with many obstacles but are also able to discover the beauty of who we are in our own way and in our own time.  Catching up is always a treat, she tackles life with a fierceness to succeed and never leaves the house without her armor on.   Through the years she has faced many highs and lows, but has had the awareness to see them as stepping stones to get to the place where she is today. Discovering the lessons and knowing her truth.

As we were waiting for our other friend to arrive I asked her, “So how have things been, you look different, so much more at ease.  I assume work is going well?”  She replied, ” You know, I am.  I am the most content I have been in a long time.  I am content with my job, where I live and what I am doing with my life.  I am past the days of sadness, for me is all about two tears in a bucket, ….F!*k it!  I am not looking backwards, just forwards and truly being authentic to myself.”

Though my friends words were direct, they were also wise and spoken from the heart. After wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes, I got it.  Her overall sense of self, and her energy of being truly present was a spectacular site.  She managed to sail herself through her stormy seas and come out victorious, giving herself the greatest gift: the gift of grace, compassion and insight into who she truly is and continuing to live her authentic life.

Oh what a glorious evening we had…so many laughs, so much joy.  We raised our glasses and gave a toast to us all, “here’s to our two tears in a bucket…we honor them, send them gratitude for the lessons they’ve provided us and say, so long and F!*K It!”


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