You’ve Got Mail :)

IMG_7503 Communication has changed drastically over the years, well heck, over months it seems.  We can send emails, Facebook posts, texts, Instagrams, Tweets…we can even let Siri send messages for us.  I don’t know about you but I still get the most excited when I see the little Red Flag on my mailbox letting me know,”You’ve Got Mail!”

I have befriended my neighborhood Postal Worker, a direct link to the Greek God Hermes I am convinced, knowing that she carries with her some precious items.  Hoping maybe one day she will place a letter or card in the black magic box.  Not the bills or catalogs, but a real letter the ones with the colored envelopes and the work of a loved ones handwriting etched on the front.

My offerings to the universe of Hallmark must have paid off, for the other day there it was, a card addressed to me!   It was a Thank You card from my friend Elizabeth who I haven’t seen in years.  Even though we are connected through the Facebook world you never really feel..close.  This letter was so tangible.  I could see and hear her words as if she was speaking in front of me.  She was writing to “reach out to you, I wanted to tell you that I am so proud of your spiritual journey.” She goes on to say, ” I remembered we use to write to each other, it has been a long time. I have been on the same journey so your words speak directly to my heart.  It is amazing what we can accomplish when we get out of our own way isn’t it?”  True words that I am sure we all can relate.  Elizabeth (a family member more than a friend) has had many roads on her own journey.  A beautiful creative woman, she is now the creator and proud owner of Inspired by Elizabeth. Gorgeous handmade jewelry that is both timeless and unique.

The nostalgia of days past, memories of childhood letters and the promise of the new are all evident in her handwriting.  Why have we stopped writing to one another?  Why have we stopped writting at all?  The obvious: its faster to text, or I’m on my computer most of the time so I will just send an email.  Though these are true, we have taken the “heart” out of our communication.  We teach our children in school the importance of learning how to hold a pencil and write but then we immediately put them on a computer. Experts tell us that so much is said about who we are in our handwriting.  So why take that Joy away?

Lets start simple and write a note to yourself and mail it.  It doesn’t cost much, you can create the card at home so you don’t even have to buy it.   Begin by telling yourself about how your day is going, what great experiences you had that day, or what really made you angry.  Try writing a letter to yourself once a month.  I guarantee once you begin, you will start to anticipate that next letter.   Make it a habit,  and then expand it further, write a new letter a month to a friend or family member.  Your loved ones will thank you, for you are giving them a tangible piece of you.  A memory they can hold on to.

So go and befriend your neighborhood Postal Worker,  for they are delivering your letters of happiness,  new connections, and the “what’s new” of those that mean the most.  They are the messengers your golden envelope letting you know, “You’ve Got Mail!”

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