Thank you Skype…

My connections with people come from all places I go. Never the traditional place for tea or coffee, this time it was McDonalds…

I try very hard to not frequent the fast food places; not healthy for the body or mind and true to the name it’s “fast”. Folks are in and out. This time I met “Maria”, a really nice lady from New York and it was her accent that compelled me to speak to her. I’m a native myself, so a little touch of home goes a long way. She moved here to reconnect her husband with his father, her son with his grandfather. Though she likes it she truly misses her siblings back home, a feeling I can relate to very well.  I knew where she was speaking from, the place of sadness and longing for a reminder of the familiar times.

“So Maria, what do you do to keep those connections going?”, I asked her. “I use Skype, do you know it? I don’t know where I would be without it. When families move away from each other the phone sometimes is not enough.” she said.  I told her I couldn’t agree more.

I so wanted to continue our conversation, but up and out the door she was.  Even though our encounter was brief,  the conversation held so much meaning to us both and the importance to find a way to still be close to the ones we love.

“I am not good with technology,” she said “But I had to figure Skype out..seeing and hearing my families voice has made all the difference in my life, so Thank You Skype!”  Well said Maria!

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