Creating Traditions…

My Cup of Tea with “Mi” series has begun!

During the Winter Break my kids and I went to an indoor playground/bouncy house place.  Though not the typical tea place, I found myself sitting next to this woman who, like me was there to let the kids play.  I felt compelled to talk with her and as I usually do with this project we got on the topic of traditions.  She was the Grandmother of these kids, we will call her “Ruth”.  Ruth was eager to talk and was filled with the excitement of sharing her joy of being a part of her grandkids lives.  She said that the greatest gift she has given her grandkids was their tradition of feeding the ducks every morning.  Through our conversation, I gathered that they lived in the same house for she said, “…before they go to school, we get up and walk down to the pond and feed the ducks.  Just the three of us”.  It was their time to be together, no distractions, just peace and the connection of family and of love to start their day.  What a nice tradition.  “They must love it” I told her.

Ruth told me that she knew once she had grandchildren of her own she wanted to make a tradition just like her grandmother did for her.  “What was it?” I asked. “My grandmother would take her shopping cart from the house and her and I would walk to the grocery store to do the shopping.  It was so special just to have that time, just my grandmother and I.  I still remember that cart”.  I knew that cart she spoke of held more than just the bags from the grocery store, it held excitement, joy and all the feelings of love she had for her grandmother and the special memories they were creating together, just the two of them.  Perhaps it makes you think of the traditions you have made with your loved ones.

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